. : : I am 21 years Old : : .


Now I'm already 21 years old. ehh itu pun nak kasi tau ke? Up to me la nak taip ape pun kan.. Anyway beza tahun ni Myra celebrate kat office. Celebrate ke? errr No just this year I've accepted wished from officemate. *winkwink*

Tapikan ada one officemate Myra tanya

"Your mom bagi kunci tak?" 

"Err kunci ape?"

"kunci kebebasan. My mom give me pendant key shape to me"

Myra memang tak faham apa yang dia maksudkan dengan kunci tu. I thought that when a girl reached 21 years old, parents should give a key pendant. teruknya pemikiran

After that, Kak Zaidah, one of the staff at SPA ask me "Dia ada tanya pasal kunci ea tadi?" Myra cakap la "Ye, tapi apa maksud 'kunci' tu?"

Kak Zaidah cakapla kita ni orang Melayu, so takdak istilah kunci kebebasan. Diorang lain culture dengan kita. Kunci kebebasan tu maksudnya dah dapat kebeasan untuk bersosial macam tu la...

OOooo.. First time dengar perkataan "kunci kebebasan" tu. Lantaklah tu depa punya culture, totally different from us as a muslim.

#Dah besar panjang, kenala pandai jaga diri, bezakan baik dan buruk.. =D

Gambar takde kena mengena dengan Myra yer XD


. : Internship at Jabatan Pelajaran Pelajaran Kedah : .


It has been a very long time (I guess) since my last update rite? well.. urmm.. I actually do not know what to conteng or merapu here. But today since I have nothing to do plus I was boring right now so I will write a bit my experience during my internship.

For your information, I am currently undergoing internship at Jabatan Pelajaran Kedah in Academic sector. Now my second month I am at JPN Kedah. Truthly I got nervous and I was think about the staff, work environment and how I want to adapt myself with the staff.

Alhamdulillah. first day at JPN's HQ, I can familiarize with the staff. Same goes when I transfer to Academic Sector on second day because it is more suitable for the course that i'm taking at college.Alhamdulillah.. the staff are very friendly and I am accepted as one of their "family".

Whatever they are doing, eating, or they want to go somewhere, they never failed and never missed to ask me to join them. They told me that their sector are not received internship student for a long time. and now they got 2 students which is me and kak Tiqah. She was taking degree in Maths course at UiTM Shah Alam.

Somehow I am worried because my internship period just 3 months or specifically, I am more worried to leave the staff at JPN. I'm worried if I leave JPN with watery eyes if possible I do not want it to happen!