Semester 6


I think that this semester will make me suffer a bit. Why? haha Well kan last sem even ada 5 subjek saja and I don't have final exam BUT the all of the subjects have their own things to do which is final project also my term paper. InsyaAllah I will try my best to give commitment for my last semester. Fighting!

Harini Myra pegi jumpa my supervisor for term paper. So Myra, Teha and Syima gerak sekali Supposedly Myra and Syima supervisor yang sama but someone told her dis morning that she had change her supervisor.  So I'm quite shock sebab Myra tak pernah dengar before this ada pertukaran sv (supervisor) last minute. So Myra and Teha pegi terus jumpa my sv which is Madam Zuraifah and Syima Madam Zuhrah. But while discussing my term paper my sv ask me where is another one of her supervise because at first she thought Teha was her supervise so I told her and she called Madam Rabi which is the coordinator for DELS (Diploma in English Language Studies) and Madam Rabi told that there is no change

After that 3 of us went to see Teha sv which is Mr Hadi. You guest what? Mr Hadi was a detail person! HAHA kesian Teha! Around 4.30 we have to see Mdm Rabi regarding Syima's problem. Luckily the term paper consist of 3 chapters only. Kalau tak? Habesla Teha menadah telinga. And after we met Mdm Rabi she said that there is no change regarding the supervisor. Kesian Syima and also Mdm Zuhrah. Lastly Kena pegi kat Mdm Zuhrah ambik proposal then hantar kat Mdm Zuraifah.

Penat jugakla hari ni even 1 klas but since last it was my semester so I should sacrifice my energy and my time.

# Sorry English saya berterabur =='

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