Keep Calm Nichkhun

First I know that one of 2PM members which is my favourite member, Nichkhun involved in accident! On that time I dont know what to say and I just got shocked and feel like my tears will drop. Then I told my friend that Nickhun got accident then she so surprised. You know what? We are the 2PM fan! 

But after I know that it was not Nickhun fault 100%, I feel a bit relese..
But what made me disappointed are the cause of the accident is Nickhun was drunk! 
Eventhough his level are quite lower but it still make me upset. Why he drive even he was drunk? 
After this 2PM will perform without him and I feel so sad because all this time I love 2PM performance because of Nichkhun! 

I hope that Nichkhun learn from this accident and Its doesn't matter what I still love 2PM!

No matter what, I always support you!!

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